Nothern Soul Seamoss



    Ingredients: 5 Ocean Algeas, Greek Pine Honey, Callaloo, Lemon, Rhodophyta, Phaeophyta & Chlorophyta

    An original formula on the basis of having the three groups of algae red, brown, and green all working together. There is nothing on the market with this density of a wide range of nutrition. The combination of the first three families of plants, before land plants, the original ocean plant life, creates a deep source of nutrition to nourish the brains and nervous systems via diverse pigment production and protection.

    Ancient nucleobase sequences from these groups of algae are the building blocks for the earliest organisms. Rebuild your genome with ancient plant-based scripts/files (nucleotides)

    The nucleus in our cells is housed within the cytoplasm, the structured waters, inside the water structure house, is DNA made from nucleoTIDES.

    If we ever suffer genetic damage, from gene editing via mRNA exposure, we can keep our wild-type genes active, transcribing, through histone regulation by Rhodophyta. Phaeophyta helps with metabolism on diverse levels. Chlorophyta helps with the movement and conduction of energy.

    DNA repair, Neuronal Repair, Pigment Repair, Nerve Repair

    Adaptable just like what the fish symbolises is some of what is experienced. Fish represent Pisces the sign of transcendence, spirituality, wisdom, healing, and in all cultures in some form are worshipped.

    The ocean is otherworldly, to be feeding of the wild plant life the wild fish are is to tap in with energy of Pisces. The adaptable nature of the sign is found in the ocean plant life pigment system building properties.

    The ability to process broad amounts of information, visualising, feeling, solving, releasing all come with the increased voltage granted access by those that grew from the waters.

    Take 1 to 3 Tablespoons per day.

    This product is not to replace any medication, please consult with your medical professional.

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