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Herbase by Reis Davies

HERBASE originally known as Konscious Konsumption, was founded in February of 2016 as a Lifestyle Coaching Group with members from all walks of life, seeking nutritional, fitness and lifestyle advice for cellf development. Konscious Konsumption evolved into the house that the founder Reiss Davies Ausar C.P.T would project from. Reiss created vlogs for many years online about lifestyle and the information we need to progress individually and collectively. 

The mission has always been to align with nature to bring back the health of ourcellves, society and our planet. After a couple years of training clients with the emphasis of the long term lifestyle changes, Reiss released his first book Purging The System, an elaborated compilation of previous personal lifestyle guides he written for personal clients. Likened to a “Health & Lifestyle Bible”, Nutrition, Biology, Biochemistry, Detox & Fitness information is found inside.

Since March 2015 Reiss has been sharing natural scientific information to help humanity become more Konscious of their Konsumption. Change happens from the inside out. You can tune in to the knowledge via:@ReissDaviesAusar - Instagram/Youtube/Facebook@Herbase.Earth - Instagram/Facebook

Travelling to Jamaica to learn about herbalism, found Reiss bringing home various herbs from the island to start to develop his own formulas. Shortly after releasing his first book it was apparent that Reiss had to continue expanding his service of not just knowledge of how to detox, but also provide scientifically formulated herbal supplements. In April 2019 he launched his herbal product line to synergise with ‘Purging The System’ with an original sea moss formula called “Northern Soul”. The Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss formula was the first of its kind. The science Reiss provided along with potency of the product itself created a ripple effect to Konscious Konsumption on the map. Ever since, the product range has been expanding and the formulas are always advancing as the biochemical, biological, nutritional, astrological and herbal studies deepens.

Reiss Davies Ausar C.P.T has helped guide people through many reversals of various diseases like autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, anaemia, heart diseases, viral infections plus more.

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