• 30 December, 2021
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  • by Gary

January 2022

Over the first few weeks of the year you can expect to see some more of our local independent businesses take up space on our site. We are as passionate about supporting the local community as we are about good quality organic produce which leads us to offer our fellow independents the opportunity to advertise their products on their very own page under the “local independents” section of our site as we strive to build a community of like minded local entrepreneurs.

As I write this I can’t help my mind as it begins to wander and connect the significance of this event playing out parallel with the symbology of the astrological Callander.... it fits like a glove every step of the way. Without going to deep the sun is transiting through cardinal earth Capricorn and right now as we launch our new website Jupiter enters Pisces in my second house (resources) simultaneously the moon enters Scorpio occupying my tenth house (career/public life). Perfect timing or what? As the nurturing energy of the moon enters the house of my career Jupiter (expansion), enters the house associated with my resources, our website goes live. The correlation is ever present when you know what to look for and it somehow finds a way to amaze me every week if not everyday.

The insights I get from understanding astrology and my own chart have come from my partner Lydia, she has a unique and intuitive understanding of astrology & tarot and posses all the tools to bring about the same awareness for you too. Lydia will be posting more info throughout January on her plans to resume her natal chart analysis and tarot readings as well as plans to bring about a community of like minded star gazers and truth seekers!! Stay tuned for more info over the coming weeks.

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